Saturday, October 15, 2011

What I've been upto for the last few months....

Ok, for some of you that have noticed I have not been posting alot in the last few months. I wanted to apologize and explain.... Since about March/April I have been fostering 2 little girls on weekends. The lived with their grandmother until their mom and dad can get some life issues together. More recently, me and my husband got permanent guardianship of the girls until further notice. What we thought was a temporary thing has turned to a full time permanent thing. The girls are amazing and we love being with them. We have such a great time, but we also have become really busy with all the extra homework, karate classes, dance shows, etc.; and did I mention I work full time in a law firm in downtown? LOL!!!

In between all, I was sort of training for my first half marathon of the season of a many runs to come in Disney World. Me and the family, together with my friends and my team (Team in Training) all went to Orlando for the Disney's Wine & Dine Half-Marathon. Me, my hubby and the kiddos went to Magic Kingdom and then ran the next evening... Busy, Busy, Busy. LOL

Between now and March, I am running about 8 half marathons and maybe 4-5 5K's, which the kids run with me. I am also traveling for my oldest baby girl's karate tournaments. She has 3 tournaments between now and April here in Miami and the International Championship in Las Vegas in April. I am attaching some pics of my life in the last 6 months so you can catch up with me.

So this is a glimpse of my life for now. And believe it or not, somewhere in between, way into the late night, I scrapbook a little. I dont have too much time for it, but I try to squeeze in a lyout here and there.

How do I do it all you ask? With Starbucks, lots and lots of Starbucks!!!!! LMAO!!!! So look out for some new pics and story of my new adventure... See you soon my friends and wish me luck.