Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I cleaned out my scraproom and got a new desk! YAY!!

I went to a scrapbook expo a while back and fell in love with the Scrapbox... but of course, I can't afford that beautiful piece of furniture. I then thought to myself, I shouldn't get down b/c of what I don't have, I should work with what I do have. Sooooo, I got a new desk, I reorganized my armoire and my closet.

A good friend of mine sent me a link to Ikea with a great desk for my scrap room. If you've seen the pics, I was using a party table as a craft desk for a while now. LOL... But since Christmas and my birthday just passed, I had a little bit of cash thanks to my good friend and my parents, so I drove to Ikea and bought a new desk........ Check out the new pics.

I repositioned a few things on the shelf....

I went to Target and bought these really cute shelf baskets and my hubby finally put up the tv on the wall.....

The pink trunk and trash basket all from Target...... Sooooo cute.


Scrappin' Sista

Too cute and organized!

Scrappy Pink Corner

Congrats on your new scraproom. I am so happy that you were finally able to fix your room the way you wanted to. Have fun creating in their.

Juicy Creations

i love so organized..


I looks awesome!!! Very cute.

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